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Twitter Troubles

I recently wrote about why I use Signal as a note capturing app, but shortly afterwards, I realized quite a few of my short-form notes were worth sharing or publishing somewhere. It might not be worth writing an entire blog post about them, but publishing them as tweets would make perfect sense. So I decided to sign up for a Twitter account, and that's when everything went wrong.

I thought signing up for a Twitter account @aiad1914 would be simple, but it turns out to be pretty complicated and I ended up getting myself temporarily restricted because of "unusual activities," whatever that means.

My Twitter account is temporarily restricted due to "unusual activities," whatever that means.

I'm not sure what happened, but this is the first time I'm locked out of an account just moments after signing up. The only thing I can do is to email Twitter Support, and my email goes like this:

Hi Twitter Support,

I need help. I've tried to sign up for an account using this email address but it kept throwing an error saying something went wrong after I entered a password. After 3 attempts, I could no longer use my email so I tried signing up with my phone number instead, and it worked.

Then, I started browsing around, looking for people to follow when suddenly, I was asked to prove that I'm not a bot. That's fine, I completed the CAPTCHA and went back to browsing. Then, it asked me to do another CAPTCHA and also asked me for my phone number, which I entered. The problem is, after entering the confirmation code, it says "This phone number is already in use." I'm very confused because that's the phone number I used to sign up.

Please help, it's sad that I got locked out of my account just moments after signing up. :(

-My email to Twitter Support

Hopefully, everything will have been resolved by the time you read this, but we'll see how it goes.

Update: Issue resolved!

Update 2: Twitter account deleted in Dec 2022.