An Insight a Day

The Perils of Getting Sick

Nobody ever planned on getting sick, the only time anyone would want to get sick is usually when they want to run away from responsibility. And shortly after my Twitter troubles, I came down with a fever and sore throat. That’s not to say I’m running away from my responsibilities, but it’s the excuse I gave myself for not writing recently.

The funny thing is, I totally get how and why I fell sick. It all started with a bit of dryness in my throat, perhaps because I haven't been drinking enough water lately. Soon enough, it turned into a full-blown sore throat, perhaps because I wasn't getting enough sleep lately, and I also wasn’t eating right. And before I know it, I’m down with a fever.

I mean, I could practically see it coming. A lack of sleep weakens my immune system, not eating right means I’m not getting enough nutrients, and not hydrating myself properly is just asking for trouble. And once I fell sick, everything starts falling apart and I pretty much broke all the habits I’ve worked so hard to build.

The moral of the story is to not get sick, it's bad for you. It's actually not that hard to not get sick, you just need to prevent it before it happens. That means eating healthy, staying properly hydrated, getting enough sleep, doing regular exercise, and practicing basic hygiene. Just five simple steps, that’s the basic 20% you need to do to get you 80% of the results.