An Insight a Day

What Type of People Do You Want to Attract?

Something you might not think about. When deciding what to do next, instead of focusing on what actions to take, think about the type of people who would take or be attracted to those actions. Let me explain.

Suppose you are deciding whether to pursue a degree in computer science or a degree in medicine. Instead of looking at the pros and cons of each field like the possible jobs or potential earnings, have you considered looking into the type of people who would choose computer science over medicine, or vice versa? And yes, I’m talking about stereotypes. What type of people do you think would be attracted to study computer science? What about medicine? Do you see yourself as one of them? Do you like to be around those types of people? Because chances are, you will be around those types of people a lot in the future.

A simpler example, if you decide to work in a fast-food restaurant, what do you think your coworkers are going to be like? What if you work in a non-profit trying to eradicate malaria instead, what type of people do you think that job attracts? And what if you work as a fitness coach at your local gym, what type of people do you think you’ll be interacting with all day?

Yes, it’s not good to generalize and judge people as stereotypes, but stereotypes exist for a reason and they are a good-enough heuristic to help you make better decisions. Life is all about the people you interact with every day, so what type of people do you want to surround yourself with? When making a decision, are you attracting or repelling the type of people you want to interact with?