An Insight a Day

Surfing the Idea Wave

It's getting late and I should really go to bed, yet here I am, staring at a blank screen trying to write something. A flash of insight is all I need, yet, the more I yearn for it, the less likely it will come. Sometimes, the best thing I can do is to just stare at the blank page and hope for the best.

I like to think that there are no shortages of ideas out there. Sometimes, I see ideas like the ocean waves that never stop coming. And as a surfer, there are only so many waves you can catch. Of all the amazing waves out there, you will miss most of them simply by being either at the wrong place, or at the wrong time, or both.

Writing is a lot like that. There are countless amazing ideas out there to write about, but you will miss most of them. Sometimes, it's because you didn't write the idea down and forgot about it afterward. And sometimes, you might still have the idea but the feeling or inspiration is long gone and you don't feel like writing it anymore.

Much like surfing, a lot of ideas happen in the moment. I've tried saving some ideas and putting them in my drafts folder, but most of them don't ever get to see the light of day. It's as if I can't just save random waves and expect to surf them at my own convenience. Waves have to be surfed in the moment, and I find that, for me at least, it's true for writing as well.

Now, I can go to bed.