An Insight a Day

Playing the Long Game

Play the long game, use time horizon as a competitive advantage. How does it work? Target young people and serve them well so that when they grow up, they will still use your products and services.

Two similar examples in tech, Apple offers student discounts for most of their products. Why do they do this? So that when these students become working professionals, they will still favor and use Apple products. When one of them becomes a key decision maker or CEO of a company, guess what products they will use?

Similarly, Google is playing the same game by offering Chromebooks for education. They are also playing the long game, serving young users with the hope that they will grow up and keep using Chromebooks due to their familiarity. And if you look at their market share in 2020, they are already outselling macs.

That’s how you win and beat the dominant player, by uprooting them from below with a new generation of users.