An Insight a Day

How You Feel When Talking to Certain People

It's funny how I never noticed this before, but it feels different when I talk to different people. When I say it out loud, it sounds completely obvious, and yet, I wasn't really aware of it until just a few hours ago.

For some people, I feel like I can speak my mind, but not my emotions. For others, it's the opposite and I can show a lot of emotions, but not the things I'm really thinking about.

When I talk to certain people, I feel like the conversation can feel rather tense and restricted, despite how friendly the other person is acting. In some cases, I might even have to feign friendliness just to not appear rude. In other cases, I'm actively looking for ways to get out of the conversation.

Some people are a joy to talk to, and even though there might not be much to talk about, you just enjoy being with them. Others might be less joyous to talk to, even though there are countless topics you could talk about or intellectually debate on for hours on end.

If you take the time to categorize the people you interact with based on how you feel when talking to them, it's surprisingly easy to filter out who you should be spending more time with, though it probably shouldn't come as a surprise. Either way, I shall be paying more attention to how I feel the next time I interact with others instead of just the contents of the conversation.