An Insight a Day

Endless Problems

Life is a series of endless problems to be solved one at a time.

Imagine a life where all your problems are magically solved and all your wants and needs magically met.

Craving for some delicious food? Here, bon appétit. Feeling a bit sick? Drink this magic water and feel instantly better. Accidentally broke your mom's favorite vase? Wave this little wand and it'll magically restore itself.

Sounds amazing, right? All your problems are solved and you can do whatever you want! You can finally start writing that novel, go live in Korea to experience the culture and learn the language, or hone your World of Warcraft skills to climb the world rankings!

Except, your novel is already finished. It's right here, and apparently, it's a New York Times Best Seller. Also, you've already experienced the culture in Korea many times and speak fluent Korean. And yes, you're also already the top World of Warcraft player in the world.

All those problems are already solved, so what will you do next? Put another way, what would you do when there are no problems left to solve?